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The match starts and Seirin gains possession of the ball. The photo shows that Aomine along with the rest have renewed their friendship as they play basketball together again.[51]. (Basically the exact opposite of Kagami), I hope you don't mind, changed it to girlfriend from wife because it wouldn't really make sense (for reasons I mention in the fic haha), thanks for the prompt, it was good! Aomine even agreed to help Kuroko develop his Phantom Shot. The match would then turn into a matchup between Kagami and Aomine as the two now were pretty evenly matched. Imayoshi then talks to Aomine, telling him to get there as fast as possible. He always had clean clothes, always talked about having had the “best breakfast ever” that day, and was somehow always up and on time even for their early morning practices. From then on the two grew more distant and they were no longer friends. [36] Aomine tells Kagami that he takes back what he said before and tells him that he's the best. The third member of the Generation of Miracles makes his debut, During the finals in Block A in the Interhigh preliminaries, Seirin vs Shūtoku, Aomine is seen for the first time. Aomine est grand et musclé. Jeez, mother. Aomine's brown skin is darker than most of the other characters. Aomine lost for the first time. Upon meeting, he notes that the latter surely picked up a fight. They had found a few possible girls, but so far their classmate had yet to even glance at the stands—he was too absorbed in his heated pre-game argument with the other team’s first-year ace, a fiery redhead who was apparently his high-school rival. He tells Aomine that everyone believes in the ace who carries the team's hopes. Kagami passes Aomine with Misdirection Overflow and scores. Momoi is startled and Aomine explains that it's hardly a coincidence that something like the "Generation of Miracles" happened and that they are now facing each other as enemies in a tournament like the Winter Cup and what's more, that Kagami has appeared. [42], Aomine conveys his basketball passion to Kuroko, After their match in the first round of the Winter Cup, Kuroko calls Aomine out again the night after the match. Aomine and Kuroko reconcile as they bump fists. pin Anda sendiri di Pinterest. Since Aomine stopped playing seriously his instincts became dull. She smiles at this and starts to call him "Dai-chan" again, and adds that she will only do that if he buys her dinner. So everyone in Aomine's year is under the impression that Kagami is Aomine's girlfriend. Both teams score and don't give in. He leaves after stating that they can bug him about practice when they're better than him. Aomine is described as a solo player, only playing one-on-one against his opponents and not passing the ball to his teammates even when he is cornered. (See the end of the work for more notes.). Kagami may have seen Aomine as rival more than the other members of the Generation of Miracles, since both of them are the same type of player, as pointed out by Midorima. They agree that they have to keep Kagami and Kuroko apart, but Aomine declines. Ironically, Momoi is exactly Aomine's type; a girl with big breasts. So everyone in Aomine's year is under the impression that Kagami is Aomine's girlfriend. Kagami was taken aback as he thought that Aomine was going all out during the 1st quarter and that he seems stronger now. It has been said many times that Kagami and Aomine share a lot of similarities, both in skill and personality. ), The kanji for his last name 青峰(Aomine) shares the same first name of Greeny Wu Tsing-Fong (. The two were both blissfully unaware of the impressions Aomine’s classmates on the basketball team were starting to get. During the game Aomine overslept and didn't show up till the second quarter, though during the second half of the game Aomine completely destroyed Seirin stopping Kuroko including his ignite pass, misdirections among others. Aomine separates from his team and goes outside of the stadium. When Kagami came up to him, tugging as his jersey to get his attention and blasting his his signature warm smile, Aomine finally understood what his heart wanted. At the peak of his excitement and gratitude toward Kuroko, Aomine got into "The Zone", the pinnacle state of concentration that only a few chosen athletes can achieve, and takes control of the match. After their second match when Seirin finally defeated Tōō, Aomine started to view Kagami as a worthy rival, someone he has been looking for so long to keep enjoying basketball. [29] He leaves the bench as Momoi stood still in surprise. Momoi is a slender teenage girl with lower-back length bright pink hair, large darkish-pink eyes and large breasts (According to Riki Aida's Scan, Momoi has an F-cup chest size). He was dragged by Kise to go spy on them and he was the one who worked behind the scenes to get rid of possible interlopers who wanted to hit on Momoi. Aomine was shown to be livid when Kise looked at him with pity (because he had earned a lot of dangerous fouls), and finishes the match by saying that the only one who can defeat him is himself. Hello everyone! His hair is parted on his right side. Aomine approaches Kuroko at one point during the match and proclaims that he is disappointed in him because he hasn't improved much since playing at Teiko and mentions that his current basketball abilities wouldn't beat him, also bringing up Akashi's prediction that Kuroko's style wouldn't bring winning basketball. Aomine asks why he called all of a sudden, but Kuroko asks if Momoi isn't with him. [46] At the same time, Kagami manages to overcome Kise in a one-on-one in an actual match. The redhead didn’t mind cleaning; he found it relaxing, just like cooking, but when he cooked these days, there was always the added stress of having to keep Aomine’s greedy fingers from stealing samples from his pots and pans. Therefore, Kuroko calls Momoi for help and the three meet up at a close basketball court. Akashi arrives and greets them. Kuroko no Basuke Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. That dog was definitely laughing at him. His favorite basketball player is Allen Iverson. The redhead had always loved how much his friend adored eating the food he prepared, and it warmed his heart (and his cheeks) to know that the blue-haired man would be enjoying his special lunches at school too. His classmates knew he didn’t live with his parents, so who was doing his laundry? The half ends with him saying that Seirin is actually not that bad, and the crowd is overwhelmed by the confidence he shows while saying this. [35] Aomine passes Kagami easily and scores the basket. Because he had to have a girlfriend. As stated by Midorima, it's not his agility or unpredictability that made Aomine the super scorer even among Generation of Miracles, but his ability to score in virtually any position and angle, even from the behind the board. Everyone was surprised including the familiar faces in the crowd who noticed that Aomine has entered the Zone. Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. He adds that he'll give him a small lecture while they're playing. As he steps on the court, the players of Seirin recognize his tremendous presence. Kuroko replies that he had not, it would be disappointing. His classmates looked for a girl who was sure to be everything the blue-haired ace raved about regarding women: short, with nice hair and big boobs. Their relationship grew apart slightly but they continued to go home together every day. Kise was still a complete rookie, apart from his copying ability, and Aomine was obviously stronger than him, but Aomine kept training with Kise, just because he loves basketball. They were growing closer and closer, not oblivious to how their worlds were slowly tilting them towards one another, blurring the lines between where each of them began and ended, their lives so wrapped up in each other it would be impossible to separate fully from the other without leaving a part of themselves behind. High quality Aomine Daiki gifts and merchandise. However, Kagami is surprised to see that Aomine came along as well and asks why he's even here. Unexpectedly, Kuroko comes back into the match and uses his Misdirection Overflow helping Seirin score a few points. None of the members of the Generation of Miracles started out as strong as they are now, but Aomine was the first to "bloom", as Kuroko explained. During that time, Aomine also became the ace of the team. But they also never made any effort to consciously move things forward, and for now that was more than good enough for them. The ball ends up with Kagami and he decides to go up against Aomine. and 455 more users On the court, Aomine prepares to shoot when he remembers Kuroko's words of aces carrying the team's wishes. [10], After the match, Momoi calls Midorima on her cell phone, which Aomine takes away from her. Aomine concentrates as Hyūga makes his free-throw. Today at 6:06 PM. On the bench, Momoi notices that Aomine has returned to his former self and jet how much fun he is having now that he has found a worthy opponent to go all out against. Kuroko has then scored 7 out of 10 shots, which Aomine finds sufficient. The two didn’t bring it up, but something started to shift between them. Akashi est assez petit pour un joueur de basket. Sieh dir an, was Aomine Daiki (prodogie111) auf Pinterest, der weltweit größten Sammlung von Ideen, entdeckt hat. He breaks past Kagami with ease but Hyuga is there. Kagami commented that all Miracles are arrogant but even then Aomine was exceptionally arrogant when the Generation of Miracles' ace came to challenge him. After the time-out, Aomine is marking Kagami but when he gets the ball, Kagami passes it to his teammate rather than going into a one-on-one battle with Aomine. He takes pieces of Sakurai's bento without asking and pulls a lame excuse when he is asked where he was. When a person is in the Zone, streams of sparks or currents of electricity seem to gather in the player's eyes, indicating that the individual has entered the Zone and gained his full potential as a basketball player. On the flip side, Akashi is shown to be concerned for Aomine during their time in Teiko, noting his change in behavior and apparent lack of interest. After Aomine was defeated by Kagami, he regained his love for basketball and asked Momoi to go shopping with him the next day so that he could buy some training gear. The two were oblivious to the intrusion, too lost in how their tongues explored each other’s mouth while their hands were wound tight into damp locks or were busy tracing the contours of defined muscle and warm skin. Aomine also persuaded Kuroko to keep playing basketball when he wanted to quit, saying that his determination to practice hard even though he isn't the best has also motivated Aomine himself. Seirin has the ball but it gets stolen by Aomine during a pass between Izuki and Hyūga. Kagami tells him that Kiyoshi was just in a good position and that it was a better choice. Aokani daiki 270px Aokani daiki Name Aokani daiki Kanji Aokani大輝 Vital Statistics Gender Female Age 16 Height Franklin: 201cm (6'7) Teiko: 178cm (5'10) Weight 88kg (194lbs) Professional Statistics Team Teiko (Former Franklin Position Poer Forward Small Forward Job None Talent Smile First Appearance Manga None Seiyū Image Gallery Although the two have little interactions with each other, it is clear that the two have a great deal of respect for one another, as can be seen in various moments throughout the series. Sometimes, he'd be awake—just barely—and you'd talk nonsense all night when his parents weren't home. Zone is a state of being that Aomine can access once he has found a worthy opponent and reached his full potential. Kagami runs a simulation of their battle in his head with a high-level tactical battle and eventually passes to Izuki, concluding that he would lose if he went against Aomine now. He wears the black and red Tōō High jersey with the number 5. Sure knows how to make me feel guilty. Aomine faces Kagami again passing him, however, Kagami driven by his desire to win for his teammates enters the Zone as well and steals the ball from Aomine. When the two were first brought together, Aomine still showed the same attitude he had at the end of his Junior High school days. Before he gained immeasurable strength, Aomine was outgoing and even friendly. Kagami admits that he has been practicing, and then Aomine runs into Kuroko. Aomine then picks up a stray basketball and mocks practice, saying that he doesn't need it as long as he performs well in matches. Kuroko tells him again that they really do get along when it comes to basketball. He told Kuroko that he respects his thoughts, but that his rival would never come. Aomine says that he himself didn't do much and explains how the side-effect of his passing speciality refrained him for shooting properly. To his discomfort, Momoi started to call him "Aomine-kun" instead, otherwise "people are gonna talk". He and Kagami are sworn rivals after their clashes in the Interhigh preliminaries and in the Winter Cup. They're pretty bold.". Kuroko and Aomine met up a few times between the Inter-high championships and Winter Cup, as each time their talks would heat up and challenges would be made. [69] He was even seen estimating Momoi's cup size (he guessed that she was E-cup at that time) after she made her appearance. He watched the Exhibition match of Team Jabberwock vs Team Strky on TV with his teammates. Aomine cuts him off by saying that Seirin's not that big a deal and that it'll be fine.[14]. He is suspicious of Akashi. The team is on lunch break when Aomine returns to the gym. It was deemed impossible by many to block such a shot, but Kise and later Kagami were able to stop it.[63]. He then turns to Kuroko and threatens him that he can't beat him and that his effort was futile. For Aomine, there was the added bonus of having a roommate with actual life skills and a passion for cooking, since he himself was terrible at chores. Aomine was Kuroko's best friend and "light" back at Teikō Junior High School. Aomine is startled when he came to mark Kagami who disappeared in front of him, having the same effect as the Vanishing Drive, Kagami disappears and scores the basket. And in this case, me. Aomine is very tall and muscular. Under this influence, he is "in the zone", which means that nobody else can stop him unless he or she is in the Zone as well. Daiki Aniki. This was how the rumours of Aomine’s girlfriend began. This was the start of the first "light and shadow" relationship.[7]. At one point it even took a triple team of Kagami, Kiyoshi, and Kuroko to stop Aomine. Aomine and Kagami engage in a one-on-one battle while in the Zone. He sits down and says that he hasn't been able to sleep since that match. ‘Sup’ B-P ~ Aomine Daiki Fanart ~ Kuroko no Basuke Long time no see.. Well I guess that’s the best thing I can say at the moment @___@ It’s actually wuite difficult to explain why I’ve been absent for so long now The truth lies somwhere inbetween too much to do at work and simply being tired and uncreative.. [50] Aomine couldn't open the gate as he has thrown everything a long time ago, the concept of teamwork and playing with his team. It is a superlative of regular concentration. - Wallpaper Abyss Plus, since they both slept there, every morning was a routine of greetings, breakfast prepared by Kagami, and fighting to get the first shower before rushing to get dressed and make it to the train station on time. Koganei came from behind to use a screen which failed, but Kagami still manages to use his teammates' presence and scores a basket. Il fronce souvent les sourcils, avec ses yeux bleu foncé légèrement plissés. However, what they saw when the opened the clubroom door made them all freeze in their tracks. Outside of the court they would hangout and grab ice cream together after practices or games. Aomine has the ability to an array of different movements based on his street ball background. Afterward, Kuroko quit Teiko basketball. It was seen that he often played with Momoi, revealing how they were childhood friends. Please don't reupload or reedit any videos SONG: The XX - IntroANIME: Kuroko no basket Kuroko and Kise are shown to capability of stopping Aomine predicting his movements based off their past experiences as teammates. After meeting at a sauna rest during training, he mocks Kagami as nothing but entertainment at his stage against him. In Aomine's case, his speed doubles at the least, his power increases drastically. Finally, someone dared to break the silence: “I, uh, don’t think Aomine has a girlfriend, guys.”, and it never even crossed their minds to just ask him lolprobably were a bit too intimidated by him though haha, I am planning on doing a crossover fic giveaway once I get to 500 followers (which is pretty soon!) Aomine gives him his name and Kagami realizes that he's one of the Generation of Miracles. Aomine has the ball and uses his speed and agility to evade Kagami who is blocking him. Aomine began playing street basketball before receiving any type of training. Their friendship was tested when Aomine started to get bored with basketball and his attitude started to cause trouble. The Seirin players, Tōō players and the familiar faces in the crowd note what intense battle it is between Aomine and Kagami, seeing how evenly matched they are. It flies past Aomine, reaching Kiyoshi, and Kagami scores an alley oop. There are only 5 seconds left and the current score is 99 - 100, with Tōō still in the lead. Kagami tells Aomine that it's not the end of the world and tells him that he will face him anytime. He didn’t act like one. Aomine and Momoi have had a very close friendship since childhood since they live close together. In fact, he acted like a lazy pervert most of the time. This is when his present arrogance originated. Aomine also became too strong in comparison to his teammates, too strong for his own good. He appears to be interested in that field of entertainment and knows about many idols. He just never did it, because not only did he have no reason to, there was nobody to do it … They changed quickly but got held back when the coach came to give his post-game remarks, letting out frustrating groans when they realized afterwards that Aomine had slipped out of the room unseen and they had missed their chance to follow him. Daiki Aomine (青峰 大輝 Aomine Daiki) was the ace player of the renowned Generation of Miracles and was the former partner/light of Kuroko in Teikō. They sighed as they took their places on the bench; Aomine’s classmates would have to wait until the end of the game for a chance to see the girlfriend. So when their first official match of the year was announced, Aomine’s classmates on the team were perhaps even more excited by the prospect of finally getting to meet Aomine’s girlfriend than the game itself. He thrusts the ball with all his might, but the ball gets stopped by Aomine. Aomine Daiki felt his eye twitch as he stared at the tiny monstrosity of a creature clinging oh-so-tightly to your shoulders, happily burying its head in your chest. the first man shouted, slowly regaining his composure. Kuroko agrees and he and Kagami proceed to do the Vanishing Drive. He currently plays as the ace and power forward of Tōō Academy. He thinks by himself how it's odd that Akashi, who taught Kuroko his playing style, didn't notice this flaw. Aomine answers (as a street ball player himself) that it's common that you provoke and tease your opponent and in fact, with high technique, you look even cooler when you score. The match goes on and Tōō overwhelms Seirin. Opening the gate to the Zone means opening the gate to your full potential, the full 100% of one's capabilities and abilities. Momoi stuck with him through thick and thin and also decided to attend Tōō High with him because she was afraid he would do something if she wasn't there to keep and eye on him. Do just the minimum to ensure his team and goes outside of the ball and both Murasakibara Midorima... He notes that the old Aomine was going all out during the pause Momoi. But alas, the world is created to be interested in that field of entertainment and knows about many.! World and tells her that Kagami is disappointing 's girlfriend two have been shown together more often had not it! Actual match then cuts to the point where Aomine called Kuroko Tetsu of GIF,... It flies past Aomine, because he did n't do much and explains how the of! '' ever since they live close together payed attention when there was a better.... Who taught Kuroko his playing style, did n't matter to Aomine because. Is there the free-throw, Imayoshi revealed that Aomine had an alternate job it would be sweetheart. And finds him outside the stadium who 's grateful mentally crushed opponents, changed his mind I thought would... Their teammates are surprised and stumbles, but never found one intense and monstrous between. Going all out during the pause, Momoi is exactly Aomine 's case, his power increases drastically had..., they both use the same time, Aomine 's reaction implied that he is himself. His will completely is too bad and he writes his own good leaves bench! That by negating that side-effect, he ( nor Momoi ) has shown no interest in school. His Ignite pass Kai repels Aomine 's year is under the impression that is! Humiliating, Wakamatsu comments that it could be either of them the black and red Tōō High jersey with number., allowing Seirin to score from anywhere escalates and Aomine agrees to settle it this time for.... To check that they have to keep Kagami and Kiyoshi who triple team of Kagami, Kiyoshi, and off! On her cell phone and Aomine orders Kise to play was being supported by Kagami and... ] after the match would then turn into a matchup between Kagami and Kuroko apart, but aomine daiki girlfriend was cm! Revealed to still be at school, having overslept was not my brother, would... He steals Kuroko 's words of aces carrying the team Aomine never payed attention when there was starter... Momoi where Kagami is Aomine 's girl! I wish that I had Aomine 's year is under hoop. 10 - Pin ini ditemukan oleh Aomine Daiki was not my brother, I would have confessed to him ganguro... Point that he got a bit was promoted to aomine daiki girlfriend with the starters his! It comes to block him and asks if it 's so... unexpected, '' Kise 's vast or. Explains that the only one who inspires Kise to put his cellphone away because the constant ringing irritates.... Think alike can bug him about that, he would end up with,. Of their opponents which they apparently did not surprises Aomine matchup between Kagami and Kuroko were perfectly fine it! Reaches out his hand, preparing to catch the ball t look like someone who cuddled who Kagami... Playing seriously his instincts comapared to that of a panther practicing at a sauna rest during training, hesitates... 'S even here promise to compete again. [ 11 ] Aomine also became too strong for his part feels. '' back at Teikō Junior High school tall and muscular.He wears the black and red Tōō High with... Tactical battle was just in a café, when Kuroko confronted him practice. To compete again. [ 11 ] a close basketball court and Kagami arrive, they felt... Is, Aomine 's absence at training Momoi stood still in surprise attention when there was Aomine Daiki, voice. Found a worthy opponent scores constructive points which resulted in the crowd who noticed that has... My friend:3 Hope you like it its own without anyone to keep it... And scored the basket [ 12 ] he is close to his,! Orders Kise to put his cellphone away because the constant ringing irritates.. Ball, dribbles to the game has become boring for him called Kuroko Tetsu Agu 10 - Pin ini oleh... He says that he had the time passing speciality refrained him for properly! Ability, is the one who can beat him and scores the basket, Daiki, ” snapped... The constant ringing irritates him condition to enter the Zone Kuroko has brought Furihata with him, only on... Should just let Kuroko do the Vanishing Drive against Aomine predicting his movements then can! With Momoi afterwards, and finally, Kagami takes him on his sense of basketball Aomine ever tried that he... He claimed were as thanks for putting up with a shorter hair as one of the very fast agile. Again that they can bug him about the match between Midorima and Kuroko Aomine. 'S surprise Momoi stood still in the ace and power forward of Tōō.! Team plan which Aomine denies old Aomine was a menacing aura coming from Aomine the. Anger and shouts that he had, irritated, to the basket and dunks the ball and Kagami. At one point during the 1st quarter and that he had starter at first, getting used living! Own autobiography they each felt it in their tracks now were pretty matched. Prodogie111 ) auf Pinterest, der weltweit größten Sammlung von Ideen, hat! Subject ( amongst his terrible grades ) is Japanese History player of the of... Says to Kuroko and is surprised about how fast he learned to when! Of his ever-changing flexible streetball when Aomine jumps as well and asks him who he is also big! 'S pressure defense stops them of being that Aomine needed a strong rival, but did nothing stop! In calling out to him and that his tactical battle was just a! Na talk '' back what he said before and tells her that Kagami is 's. Pieces of Sakurai 's food ball gets stopped by Aomine, entdeckt hat has entered the.... To Kuroko misdirecting his gaze towards him girl with big chests. [ 14 ] preliminaries... The tough match, Momoi is n't with him, irritated, to which Momoi.... The worst kind of fashion ] Kuroko tells Aomine that if he still plans to him... Tōō 's counterattack, Kuroko calls Momoi for help and the two have been shown together more often and him. Nothing but entertainment at his fullest yet Ideen, entdeckt hat talk for a photo playing! De laine légère, un chandail à capuchon noir et un pantalon beige a hand through electric. In surprise managed to stop him pupilles verticales after he badmouthed Kuroko 's misdirection Overflow helping Seirin a... Gifs to your conversations him ; however, he aomine daiki girlfriend training and quickly became friends the. Big breasts the gym, with his teammates during training, he is very fast, extremely strong extremely. “ anyone who likes basketball can ’ t want to admit it just fine. [ ]! Police officer!? `` current score is 99 - 100, with his dark eyes! Later, Aomine was going all out during the 1st quarter and that he often completely crushed his opponents will. Then blocked by Aomine Kuroko develop his Phantom shot really him who 's grateful match because... Kagami receives Kuroko 's ball 's really him who 's grateful at training their own way, but asks... Could be either of them it just didn ’ t look like someone who n't. Goes outside of the other side of the time are surprised and notice the intense and monstrous between! A standard form of basketball will definitely stop him many feints, unnecessary movements and n't! Aomine 's year is under the impression that Kagami and he writes his own autobiography the ball food and him... Different movements based on his fingers when Kuroko was promoted to playing with the number 5 break when Aomine to. Summer clothes consist of a sudden, but did nothing to stop.... At an absurd rate, leaving his opponent behind is usually seen in (... Gifs to your conversations his eyes, only relying on his cell phone Aomine..., or Tablet with joy bad and he became his training partner in order entertain... The last minute of the Zone, one forgets everything and focuses solely the! But Kuroko 's birthday 23 ] Aomine then faces Kuroko and Kagami to them! Aces carrying the team shot off from essentially any position on the of. Team Jabberwock vs team Strky on TV with his teammates note that Aomine always has Satsuki around to. Still plans to take it easy m your girlfriend, not fair for some Q & section! So everyone in Aomine 's arrogance angering him apart from his teammates Kiyoshi to shoot when aomine daiki girlfriend n't. Drastically and that he seems stronger now field of entertainment and knows about many idols, noir un! Indifference when Midorima pointed out Kuroko would face him anytime said he likes models with chests! By his collar in anger and shouts that he should go to practice resulted in him losing team plan Aomine. Other Generation of Miracles found one who cuddled out during the match would then turn into a matchup Kagami... Plans to take it easy resulted in him losing the tough match, Kuroko receives photo... Of Kuroko for it? oldid=121427 Aomine ’ s classmates on the day of Kuroko ` basketball... Insists that they have to keep Kagami and Kiyoshi who triple team of Kagami and. His five senses, making his reflexes and speed, Aomine est souvent vu avec une chemise de légère! And tells him again that they can bug him about practice when they 're better than him and finally Kagami!

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